About Us

Summit Windows and Doors was created in 1994 to fulfill the growing needs of the wider Auckland market. In 2017 we underwent a change in ownership, which brought with it an entirely new range of goals and aspirations for the company that we were really excited about achieving.


Summit's focus has been to embrace technology, and improve the fabrication process through use of technology. Summit Windows have a computer operated saw that optimises the cutting of the aluminium, and a two stage CNC machine that ensures the quality of the joinery is paramount. 

The factory also operates the latest computer system that provides real time updated information of all stages of the manufacture of joinery from acceptance, measure, manufacture, and delivery. This provides us with a unique ability to answer the question of what stage the joinery is at, and ensure we monitor delivery.


Summit Windows provides customers with a state of the art show room that houses our entire product range. We have evolved from a home with windows concept to a modern show room that displays all of our range so that the customer can come in and touch, feel and see examples of joinery for their home.


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