Glazing choices are an important area to consider. Selecting glass options that reduce UV and minimise heat loss to increase year-round comfort are decisions that impact your project.

Performance GlassThermal performance is becoming increasingly important to many homeowners. You can optimise the thermal efficiency of your home by choosing a Performance Glass option to suit most requirements. Low E (the ‘e’ stands for emissivity) glass enhances the insulation value for a modest premium. Further wins can be had by using Argon gas in your double glazing. 

Argon creates an additional barrier to heat loss and heat absorption, achieving good thermal performance gains.An additional option to consider is a thermal spacer in your double glazing which prevents the transfer of hot and cold temperatures between the two pieces of glass.For superior thermal performance combine high performance glass options with ThermalHEART Technology.

Double glazingDouble glazing offers year-round thermal advantages. Benefits include significant reduction in UV light and a good retention of internal heat. As a bonus, it also dampens sound. Within the general category of double glazing, there are plenty of options to further boost your home’s thermal efficiency by choosing Performance Glass.

Safety glassWarmth is one thing, but safety is key. All window systems come with glass that complies with NZS 4223, the glazing standard cited in the New Zealand Building Code.