The Miro range of die-cast handles are a contemporary classic, characterised by elegant, ergonomic curves. Miro is a powdercoated hardware option.

Lever door handle
Available in a variety of locking options. An upward handle movement activates multi-point locking.

The small Miro sliding door handle is suited to Residential Series sliding doors. The large Miro sliding door handle is suited to use on entrance doors and Metro Series and APL Architectural Series sliding doors.

Apex or Windsor turn sets are compatible with this pull handle.

This swivel lock activates locking rods in the top and bottom of the bifold door or window panel.

This all-in-one handle and lock for sliding doors or windows has no separately installed snib or keyway.

Combines a sure hand grip with clean lines. The PVC closing wedge is matched to the handle colour. Available in a low profile option.

An all-in-one handle and lock for sliding doors or windows. Snib or keyway installed in the body of the handle.

Suitable for APL Architectural Series and Smartwood windows. A separate colour matching wedge is fitted to the frame or transom.

A venting option of the wedgeless handle is available which allows the window to be fastened in a partially open position for passive ventilation.

A separate lock for use with the Icon pull handle. Available in turn snib or key options.